A list for the field of Childhood Studies, hosted by the Department of Childhood Studies, Rutgers University-Camden.

This is a list for exchanging information and discussion in the field of Childhood Studies hosted by The Department of Childhood Studies at Rutgers University-Camden, New Jersey, USA. There are over 1600 researchers and practitioners on the list who work with children and/or study issues around children and childhoods. We appreciate CFP's, announcements, resources, and networking opportunities in this multi-disciplinary field.

This list originated in the Exploring Childhood Studies (ECS) conference at Rutgers University-Camden, April 09, 2010. The conference was hosted by the Rutgers University-Camden Childhood Studies Graduate Student Organization. It brought together emerging scholars from far ranging disciplines, locales, and practices to explore the contours of Childhood Studies in a spirit of multi-disciplinary yet convergent and exciting scholarship. The conference led to a special issue of the journal Childhoods Today and inspired this listserv as a way to continue bringing scholars together from across universities, disciplinary and methodological divides, and from around the world into a centralized and expansive dialogue.

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Exploring_Childhood_Studies was conceived and established by Patrick Cox and Anandini Dar.

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